Photography is not only art, it’s my life.

My interest in photography began in high school and in 1985 I launched my own studio and I am now based in the scenic State of Utah, John R. Stevens Photography creates compelling images and dynamic media for a wide variety of clients and organizations. I am a photographer, designer, artist and web/multimedia producer with 30 years experience in the visual and creative communication design industry. I enjoy traveling and photographing both for my fine art photography business and for national clients and editorial assignments. For years I captured my images on large format 4”x5”, medium format, 35mm cameras with professional transparency film, and as technology has changed I now shoot almost exclusivly high-quality professional digital images. My images have been featured on numerous national and regional publications.

Photography is the exploration my world. I try to capture the the image that speaks to me, has good design and can portray an experience or emotion to the viewer. A successful photograph can bring the viewer a completely new perspective to their world. My photographic philosophy in the simplest terms: Photography is a moment of time and light.

I am available for environmental and travel photography editorial assignment. And I am always availble for commercial work, large or small, in-studio or on location. Please contact me for schedules and rates.

John Stevens, Professional Photographer
PO Box 488
Spring City, Utah 84662

email: photo @